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Before and After Glazing Repair

Our product range.

Replacing misty, blown or broken Double-Glazing Sealed Units (sometimes single panes of glass) in PVCu, Aluminium and Wooden Frames.

Replacing Hinges (correct name Friction Stays) that are faulty, that do not close correctly and letting in draughts in PVCu and Aluminium Frames.

Replacing Window Locks that are not working, stopping the sash from closing or opening in PVCu and Aluminium Frames

Replacing existing Double-Glazing Sealed Units with the latest types of Sealed Units, with Thermal Glass Sealed Units, Acoustic Sealed Units, Burglar Proof Sealed Units, Safety Sealed Units and more!

We work on three types of Frames PVCu, Aluminium and Wooden for non-experienced people we would recommend starting with PVCu Frames and once experience has obtained then you can move on to Aluminium and/or Wooden Frames

Along with starting with PVCu Frames we would recommend leaving replacing Hinges and Locks for the time being, once you are ready then learn how to replace faulty Hinges, the graduate late with Window.

Door Locks. We have not mentioned Door Locks, as currently we do not offer this service – Yet!

There are other products to learn, Adjusting Windows, Single Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors. Reglazing Velux roof Windows, Replacing Door and Window Handles, Door Letter boxes, Door Hinges, to name a just few, it will take time, but overall the more you can do the more you can earn for the time being your bread and butter is Replacing PVCu Double-Glazed Sealed units and possibly PVCu Window Hinges.

You should start by fitting Replacement double-glazed sealed units in PVCu frames, followed by replacing hinges in PVCu frames unless you already have exercise; then, subject to your ability, we will follow your lead.

Whatever products you start with, the more products you can work on, the more jobs we can get orders for, which means we all own more money.

Training: How long is a bit of string? We do not know you. Therefore training could take a few days a week, two weeks, can you use a computer, what is your admin like? Then there is the practical side. Have you fitted sealed units or handled glass?  I served a 5-year apprenticeship for Carpentry and Joiner, which included two evenings a week and a day release at college. Okay, there is a substantial difference between an apprenticeship and training for replacing and repairing windows, doors and conservatives or is there? There is the admin, surveying, ordering, fitting, getting paid, and in general, running your own business; all I can say is that the admin side will take a few days to learn, and the fitting is trial and error, I could say it will take five days to learn everything, but this will not be the truth, you will learn on the job, as I did when I started in doing what we want you to do, okay I had a background as a chippy, and I had been running window replacement business, but this was a different level, I had two days training and had to get on with it, I measured sealed units wrongly, broke sealed units, but the art is learn by your mistakes, and I did not get any backup, so I got on with it, we will back you all the way as much as we can, we have already told you, if you are not earning we are not earning, so it is of interest to help you become successful, but it will take time, and from what you have read above, you may have guest, we don’t do “BS.”

Changing double glazed glass

Choosing a Reglazing & Repairing of Windows, Doors and Conservatories Franchise

The problem is that not all franchise opportunities are created equal and only supply minimal support, while others offer an extensive range of resources. If you are looking for a double-glazing sealed unit replacement franchise opportunity, look for a franchisor that has the ability to guide you every step of the way, one that is willing to invest in your success. We say to our Franchisees, “the more you earn, the more we earn,” so together, we will both be successful! Glazing
We at Glazing Masters have over 40 years of industry experience, with over 12 specialising in reglazing and repairing windows, doors and conservatories and we are fully committed to helping (hopefully you) their franchisees thrive.

Yes, we would love every applicant to have fitted double-glazed sealed units before, but we are willing to train non-experienced people with the right attitude; with the right attitude, we will help you succeed.

We provide the sales and marketing, yes, we do your advertising, we receive your telephone enquiries, we do your quote, and once the enquiry becomes an order, which is when you get involved, the order is passed to you to carry out a site survey, order the materials, arrange a fitting with the customer, install the products and collect the money due. This gives you the time to do what you are best at, reglazing and repairing windows, doors and conservatories and earning lots of money, although you could be asked to carry out the odd site call before the customer places the order, in the main most evenings and weekends you are free to spend with your family or for the eager ones there’s more time for fitting which means you can earn even more money.

The Business:

What can a Franchisee Expect?
Around 95% of jobs, you can work on your own, but in some cases, help lifting large double-glazing sealed units is needed. If you are happy to work on your own, if we know, we can turn down these types of jobs, or you could employ a helper, your other half, a young person, a semi-retired person, at times it is nice to have another person handing you tools and products when working off a ladder. You may like to take on the franchise with a business partner, where you can work together or have two vans working at once; with us, you have a choice!

We do not mind if you are Males, Females, Young or Old, but you need to be relatively fit, as there are times when you will need to lift heavy sealed units, climb ladders up to first-floor levels, working in all types of weather, rain and shine.

A driving licence to drive light commercial Vans, the ability to use hand tools and small power tools
People skills are needed as you will be dealing directly with the customer, working in their homes, using the telephone to book appointments, and asking for payments once the job has been completed. You will need to measure for the new products, conduct a health and safety report on each job, and order the products from suppliers; you need to be an organised person and can use a computer with CRM software for your jobs.

You will make mistakes when surveying jobs, ordering materials, and fitting jobs, as it takes time and the ability to get it right. With over 40 years in the window industry and over 12 years reglazing and repairing windows, doors and conservatories, I still do not always get it right. We all learn from our mistakes, but the art is not making too many, as mistakes will cost you money.

Mainly in the early days, a lot of drop leafleting will be required to find new customers, until your area is established, when other forms of advertising will start to work, we will still require you to drop leaflets around each installation five houses to the left and five to the right and ten opposite before the job starts, this helps to inform the neighbours that we are working nearby, should there need our services.

In the main you will be working from around 8.00 am completion of that day’s work, Monday to Saturday, with Saturdays mainly for visiting customers only.

You are a person running your own business, therefore accountancy (book-keeping) records, or you can get a book-keeper to do this for you at a fee.

You will need common sense and have the right attitude to run your own business within a stretched Franchise organisation.

Calling all Property Managers

Business Support

As a Franchisee, you will receive valuable ongoing support!

Everyone working with Glazing Masters is an essential player on the team.

We believe in building personal and professional relationships with our customers and being always polite and helpful. We must make it easy for people to do business with us!

As a Franchisee, you will have your own geographical area, with a guarantee that no other Glazing Masters Franchisee will work in that area unless you have given them permission first. Our aim is to always provide a nationwide quality service to customers with an emphasis on personal service and professionalism.

We aim to build a strong two-way working relationship with all our franchisees and make the Glazing Masters name synonymous with excellence. So if you are looking for a franchise opportunity with real strengths, search no more.

We ensure that you are well equipped to start and grow your business. Help, ongoing business support, and a wide range of resources are available when you become “The Glazing Masters” Franchisee.

One of the main benefits of Franchising is that it is a business partnership between Franchisee and Franchisor. Head Office support is essential, especially in the early trading days of a franchise, and it will always be readily available. In the early days, there will be a very first-hand approach, gradually stepping back and letting you, the franchisee, take complete control as you become more confident, professional and experienced.

Regardless of your training or experience, there will be cases where you will have problems and cannot get the beads out, or the beads will not go back in the rebate. If you find yourself with a problem like this or any other problem, phone us, if we can get to you (subject to cost with time and distance) we will, but with mobile video links we can talk you through the problem, but in the case quoted above our response will be to calm you down and say to yourself“ the beads were fitted before I removed them, so the beads will definitely go back”, this will ensure you that you are not doing anything wrong, replacing beads is a knack, even after all my years with fitting beads I still at times have the odd problem, then I say to myself, they come out so they must go back in, job done!

A list of our satisfied customers.

Just hold the Ctrl button down of your computer and left click with your mouse on this link and read for yourself what our customer say:

Misty Glazing Before and After

The Numbers:

The PVCu Window, Door and Conservatory Reglazing and Repairing business is rapidly growing, and while Window Companies fit their products (A Billion Pound Industry), we will always have a job. On average, we replace blown, misty, Double-Glazed Sealed Units between 12 to 15 years after the jobs have been fitted, an average house has around 20 odd sealed units, but not everyone within the above time span will fail; that is why our average job is made up of 4 sealed unit, lots of 1 & 2 units jobs and a few 10 unit jobs.

Each Franchisee will have their own area to work in, containing around <strong<84,000 households.

Any new business takes time to become established, but we will do everything possible to speed this up; as we always say, the more you earn, the more we earn.

The following information is based on statistics obtained over two years from Glazing Masters’s own figure and is based on averages, which means that a set of figures in one set period will not be the same as one set of figures in a different period.

Our average job:

Average four double-glazed sealed units per job
The average price per job is £447.00
Average gross profit for a Franchisee per job is £184.25

It takes less than 3 hours to fit four sealed units
Say two jobs are fitted per day but only four days per week and only 39 weeks per year are worked
This does not mean you will only work four days a week or 39 weeks per year as there will be times you will be busier in some weeks than others; the above is used so as not to over calculate what can be earned.

Give a return of £57486.00 spread this over 52 weeks of the year, and you will receive on average equal to £1105.50 per week; if you complete more jobs, the more you can earn. This information is based on one person working on their own.

The above excludes a built-in mileage allowance of £0.50p per mile to and from jobs. Which, based on our averages above, equals to £7488.00 per year, which will need to be spent on the following:

Diesel, Van Insurance, Road Tax, Servicing, MOT and or you could contract hiring of the van, which will still leave spare change but let us just say you spend it all spent on your transport, which means your transport is costing you zero.

Our fee paid at the time of signing the agreement £9999.00, of which £5000.00 will go for advertising to start you off.

Before and After Glazing Repair
Misted Window Repairs

The tools and equipment you will need to buy:

You will need a Van too small and the double glazed sealed units will not fit in the van, too big and you will spend too much on running costs plus the bigger the van the more it will cost to buy. All we ask for is that it must be white and clean, as you will need it wrapped, i.e. sign written to our specification. You can buy a van, an old new hire mileage or low mileage, lease it or contract hire it; we can explain all the fours and when we talk with you.

Surveying tool kit around £215.00
Reglazing tool kit around £965.00
Boxes for storage around  £120.00
Racking for inside of your van 
Wrapping / Signwriting van  £1500.00
Stationery  £150.00
Drop leaflets 50000 £300.00
Sub total £3550.00
Printer / scanner  £   You may already have one
Computer / Laptop  £   You may already have one
Broadband connected  £   you may already have one
Mobile telephone  £   you may already have one
Windows 365 Software £   You may already have it
Extra uniforms 
£400.00 for extra staff?


What type of person are we looking for – What do you need to be?

What do you need to be to become a Glazing Masters Franchisee?
We are not looking for a salesperson; we are looking for people that can do a manual job, are willing to work hard, have a desire to be a winner, have common sense, make decisions, work under pressure, are dependable, honest and trustworthy, plus the most important of all have the right attitude!

You will be climbing ladders to a first-floor level, working in all weathers, at times starting early and finishing once the job has been completed and paid.

Lifting heavy double-glazed sealed units, using hand tools and small power tools, and finishing the job to a high standard.

You will be working in people’s homes, at times leaving them cleaner than when you arrived, customers need to be respected and not called “love” or “mate” okay we do not expect them to be called Sir or Madam, be polite and friendly but not over friendly.

Have a driving licence, or you will need to have a helper who can drive. At times you will receive cash from customers; this money needs to go into the bank, no cash jobs. You will be expected to wear a company uniform, well-made clothes with the company logo on them, and overshoes in the house.

When you are ready to Replace hinges and locks

Hinge and lock repair kit 


Sash mate top hung kit 

£500.00 could be left for another day

Sash mate side hung kit 

£500.00 could be left for another day
When you are ready to reglaze wooden frames
Wooden frame reglazing kit  £200.00
Each month there is a rental fee for the CRM system around £110.00 per month

You may need a small lock up for storage, prices vary, you may want to use a friend’s garage, or you have a garage or large garden you can use.

All information given is in good faith and may change due to information beyond our control.

Glazing Masters Franchise Information

There is just no escaping the fact that running your own business can be challenging work, However, you are doing it for yourself, and the rewards of the Glazing Masters franchise will be there for you to see from day one. If you have the above attributes, then the Glazing Masters franchise could be just what you have been looking for:

If everything you have read so far makes sense and you think that the Glazing Masters Franchise is something you want to know more about, you need to talk to us to see how we can make you successful and, in turn, make us more successful, as together we will both be winners!

Complete the following form and we will get back to you with a time to talk:

Thank you for taking the time to read our information pack, hopefully you will contact us and one day we will meet up for a chat and a coffee.

Until then best wishes John Morgan

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