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Trapped condensation or white marks inside your double glazed
sealed units?

Specialises in repairing double glazed (glass) sealed units in windows, doors and conservatories that have condensation inside the two layers of glass of the unit.

Double Glazed Sealed Units Reglazing service

The faulty double glazed sealed units can be repaired by reglazing the sealed units with brand new double glazed sealed units, however there is no reason to remove or replace the existing frames, when carrying out this work

Why does moisture get into the sealed units of windows and doors?

  • Incorrect transportation of the units
  • Solar pumping caused by the sun
  • Incorrect installation of the units
  • Faulty manufacture of the units
  • Lack of frame maintenance
  • No drainage applied
  • Blocked drainage
  • No sales person will call unless asked!

    What are the benefits of repairing blown double-glazed sealed units?

    • You can see clearly through your windows again,
    • Your new unit will now have its “u” value returned saving on heating costs
    • If your existing units have a Lead Light design, we will match it so you will never know the units has been changed apart form the unit is clear and clean again
    • If you existing units have a Georgian Grill design, we will match it, so you think a new unit has not been fitted apart from it being clear and clean
    • Stop the neighbours thinking you haven’t cleaned your windows
    • If selling your home, one bad unit could lead to a buyer to thinking “how many other units may break down?”
    • Kerb appeal is very important if selling a property and the same for the inside
    • So, why wait until you are selling your home, enjoy it now

    No sales person will call unless asked!

    We offer a unique Reglazing service:

    Trapped condensation, sometimes referred to as “Blown”, “Failed” or “Misty” among other names, makes existing faulty windows, doors and conservatories look like they haven’t been cleaned for years. To overcome this vast problem, we offer our unique reglazing service, without removing the existing UPVC, Aluminium or Wooden frames, we install brand new double-glazed sealed units, saving £100’s and a lot of hustle and inconvenience.

    No sales person will call unless asked!

    Repairing service:

    We remove the offending double-glazed sealed unit and replace it with a brand new, that matches the existing unit in design and tint, once the new unit has been installed apart from the unit looks very clean, you would not have known any work has been done, with the exception of wooden frames where the area around the beading will need painting or varnishing.
    With the latest new generation of double glazed sealed units, the glass has a very slight tint and if this type of unit is installed alongside an existing units the tint could be noticed, therefore unless all the units in the same window are changed, the older type of glass units is used. All new replacement units are installed into the existing frames as we believe there are very few existing frames that need completely replacing, unlike our competitors who will always try to convince you that you must change the complete existing window frames, a quote from Pilkington Glass “Why change the windows when you can just upgrade the glass”. All our double-glazed sealed units are manufactured for us, using the latest glass technology machinery and materials and is fully covered by the manufactures guarantee, whilst the installation work is covered by our guarantee.

    Repairing service most frequently asked questions?

    How long does it take to change a unit?

    On average, it takes around 30 minutes for PVCu and Aluminium frames and 60 minutes for wooden frames

    Will the frames get damaged?
    Care is taken not to damage the beading when removing them from the frame, it is very unlikely to cause any damage to PVCu or Aluminium products. With wooden frames, the paint line between the bead and the frame needs to be scored before the beads are removed, normally using a “Don Carlos Knife” so in l most cases only the area around the bead line needs repainting or varnished.
    Will you take away the old double-glazed units?
    Yes, we will dispose of the old units free of change, as we are licenced by the Environment Agency to remove waste material from a work site.
    Will the new double glaze units have a guarantee?
    Yes, all new sealed units are fully guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship by the manufacturing company and we guarantee the installation workmanship.
    Is a Self-Certification certificate be issued by you?
    Self-Certification is only required if complete windows and doors are installed.
    Is a Self-Certification certificate be issued by you?
    “Yes, but extra care has to be taken when removing the broken glass”.


    This service is now only commercial product and therefore is not available to the public

    If a customer still have questions or a use for the above system, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any further questions you may have!