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Window hinges that when closed leaving gaps that cause
droughts and windows that do not open and locks that no longer work!
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Replace faulty hinges and stop the droughts Now!

Unless your PVCu windows and doors have been damaged, there is never a reason to replace them. We can replace the faulty double glazed sealed units, replace faulty hinges, and replace faulty locking systems, all this without changing your existing frames. Why not contact us Now! And let us save you £100’s

Hinges (friction stays)

Sometimes windows let in draughts which could mean the hinges or the correct name for then is friction stays need replacing. If the stays have been fitted using screws, it is just a case of unscrewing the screws taking out the opening sash, removing the old stay, fit the new ones and re-hung the sash, job done. Sometime the stays are fitted using pop rivets, the pop rivets will have to be drilled out and once done we continue as if it had been fitted with screws, but this time new screws are fitted.

Window locks

PVCu window locks can be straight forward or not so straight forward to replace, the first problem is getting the window to open followed by finding a lock that will fit, as over time designs have changed.

We do have ways of opening the window using special tools and at times we must take out the
existing double glazed sealed unit, which allows the opener to be more flexible. With Some shootbolt locking systems, the shootbolt gets stuck in the keep and will not move, therefore the only way to opener the window is to cut the end of the shootbolt off, using an oscillating cutting tool, which means cutting away part of the frames and this can be a big operation, but at least the window can be opened or not it is always your choice?

There are two types of locking systems: An Epagnolette locking system which has “mushrooms” fitted along the lock, which close into the keeps or an Shootbolt locking system which has shootbolts that project out of the opener and at times these have “cams” fitted along the lock.

Until the window is opened we do not know which type of replacement lock is needed. Due to the age of the window, we may have to fit an alternative type of lock.

You will note from the above comments, it is not a five minute job, we need to open the window by using special tools and at times we need to remove the existing sealed unit, then we need to fit a new lock. With over 100’s of design, types and sizes the chances are that we will need to order a new lock that fits your window and once we received the new lock, call back and fit it. Hence why a lot of locksmiths will not replace window locks.

Window handles

It is just a case of unscrewing the old handle and re-screwing the new handle back in it place. A problem can arise where the old handle can’t be matched, therefore a different style will need to be fitted.

No sales person will call unless asked!

PVCu Frame Cleaning Service

PVCu frames are said to be maintenance free? What should be said is that they do not need painting. Over the years white PVCu frames lose their brightness, becoming an off-white finish, to overcome this problem we offer a PVCu frame cleaning service:

We will clean the inside and outside of the frames using a specialised restoring liquid and a specialised cleaning liquid both formulated for PVCu frames, making them look all most brand new again, we are sure you will be pleased with the final result.
The area between the opening vents become very dirty over the years with a build up of dirt from exhaust fumes, spiders webs and general grim. This area can be brushed then cleaned and at the same time the hinges, locks and handles will be checked. Of course we would not leave before making sure the glass has had a once over.

PVCu and aluminium doors

These products are not as easy to repair as the windows, at times we have to asked for a locksmith for help.