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About Glazing Masters

In order to know more about Glazing Masters, let’s start from the beginning…

The ’70s was when our first “proper” window and door replacement company was set up, “Wishmore Limited”, with a view of getting 35% of our sales from recommendations, whilst dealing with the retail public, a very tall order was set.

The original goal of wanting 35% of the sales from recommendations quickly turned to well over 60% as quality and service were always the utmost in our minds. In fact, it still is.

Around 1976, suppliers and manufacturers were lacking in their quality and service. It was hard to achieve the original goal, so a manufacturing company was set up.

It was soon found that by manufacturing a first-class product, other window and door companies wanted to buy these products from us. We set up “Wishmore Double Glazing Limited” to look after the retail installation work, leaving “Wishmore Limited” to concentrate on selling to the window industry.

Over the following years, we created a turnover that grew to over £7.5M.

Double Glazed Windows dummy vent in centre
Condensation double glazing fixed

No salesperson will call unless asked!

Never to let moss grow under our feet, in 2009, from a base in Suffolk, a new company was formed called “Mistbegone Limited”. This was created mainly to replace or repair double-glazed sealed units that have mist between the two layers of glass, leaving the frame untouched.

Initially, “Mistbegone” covered Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and North Essex, but a couple of years later, the base was moved to the Herts and Essex border, changing the brand to “Glazing Masters”. The new operation area is Hertfordshire, Essex, East London and North London.

We have noticed over the years that the complete windows and doors don’t last as long as some companies tell their customers. Whilst the main frame (i.e. the structure) can remain undamaged, the double-glazed sealed units can fail or be broken. We know from experience that there is no problem in replacing the misty, blown or faulty glazing without needing to replace the whole structure

Pilkington Glass ask the question, “Why change your windows when you can just upgrade the glass?”

This is absolutely true! By installing the latest generation of double-glazed sealed units, you will have an energy saving of 56% over the old existing units, saving on heating bills.

Plus, you will save £100’s on replacing the windows and door by not having the complete windows changed.

If you are looking for the complete windows and doors to be replaced, sorry we can’t help! But if you want to save £100’s by keeping your existing frames and having the latest generation double-glazed sealed units installed into your existing frames, we are the company you should be talking to!

And if that wasn’t enough, all our work is fully guaranteed.

Double Glazing misty fixed